What sort of repertoire does the choir perform?
Our repertoire is very broad. We enjoy singing sea shanties, traditional male voice choir songs, pop songs from the 50's and up to date, songs from the musicals and much more. Click HERE to see what we are currently looking at.

How often does the choir perform?
We usually perform about once a month or so. Click HERE to see what our diary looks like..

How often does the choir rehearse?
We rehearse once a week on a Tuesday night usually from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. We rehearse roughly in parallel with school terms with breaks between.

How long are rehearsals?
We rehearse for 2 hours with a 15 refreshment break.

Do I have to attend all the rehearsals and concerts?
We encourage all our members to attend as much as they can in order to keep up with learning. Our regular concerts benefit from as full a choir as possible. So again you are encouraged to attend where you can.

Where does the choir rehearse?
We rehearse once a week on a Tuesday night usually from 7:00pm at Suffolk Constabulary Police Headquarters, Martlesham.

Are there auditions?
We don't hold auditions and there no requirement to read music.

Is there a trial period?
You are very welcome to try us out for a week or two to see whether you feel we are the right choir for you.

What does it cost to choir members?
The cost of membership works out at about £2.50 per session. Some of this is payable in advance and some can be paid in stages, eg. by BACS.

Are there any extra costs?
There are usually no extra costs to members. Music for example is paid for by your subscription.

How do I know where my voice will fit in the choir?
If you are unsure where you fit in a Male Voice Choir your musical director will help you to work this out via a quick run up and down a few notes with a piano. This can be done during a break, before or after choir when other members are absent or otherwise occupied.

I don't know anyone in the choir. How will I fit in?
Suffolk Constabulary Male Voice choir has an established welfare ethic. You will be welcomed with a pack including your music and useful information. You will also be assigned a "friendly face" whilst you are settling into your section and regular follow up (if you wish) to see how you are getting on.

What social activities are there?
We customarily invite members to post rehearsal refreshments. Many members take advantage of this time to mingle and get to know each other. We also usually have an end of year "do" (where impromptu singing may or may not take place).

Do I have to be able to read music?
There is no requirement to read music. Many of our songs are presented as musical scores and some are lyrics only. Navigation through scores is explained as we go.

Can I practice between rehearsals?
Practice between rehearsals is strongly encouraged. Practice tracks are provided for your part.

How will I know what we will be singing in rehearsal?
The proposed repertoire for each rehearsal will be sent by email during the days before each rehearsal.

Do you have soloists?
Most of our repertoire is sung as a choir. However occasionally volunteers may offer a solo song or part of a song. Inclusion in concert is at the discretion of the Musical Director.

How is the choir repertoire chosen?
Our musical director selects the repertoire for the season, concert or year. However choir members are periodically invited to make suggestions. We like to be inclusive.

To join us or book us please contact:

Stephen Wade
Tel: 01449 672600
E-mail: scmvc@scwade.eclipse.co.uk

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